Depression: Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine

Our Rise & Shine group provides a safe and regular space for those experiencing Depression to come together with others who are struggling with similar experiences. Facilitated by a Clinical Psychologist, the group aims to help 'behaviourally activate' you for the day by supporting you to get up in the morning in spite of low energy, mood and motivation. As a group, we will help you to identify your values and subsequently support you to set goals for the day that are in line with them. You will also have the opportunity to feedback about these experiences and problem solve the barriers that get in the way. 

Our Rise & Shine group promotes greater social connection to others by offering nonjudgemental support and the opportunity to embark upon a shared recovery journey with other likeminded people. It will further support you to develop a greater sense of both achievement and enjoyment by helping you to achieve your goals and do the things that are important and meaningful to you.

Based on 'Behavioural Activation', an evidence-based treatment which is often offered as the first step in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression, our Rise & Shine group will support you to understand how your behaviours influence your thoughts and emotions and keep you stuck in a vicious cycle. Let us help you to change them for the better by starting your day off right.