Workshop: DBT

Workshop: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Our family workshop about Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is one of our specialist courses and is unique to The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic.

For those of you whose loved one presents with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) for example - often characterised by self-harming, suicidal and impulsive behaviours, we recognise how disempowered and helpless those around them can feel. Often families express concern for their loved one's safety but feel unsure as to how to support them without 'making things worse' or 'walking on eggshells', and importantly, without burning out themselves. 

This workshop has therefore been developed to support and empower you alongside your loved one as they embark on their own DBT programme. As they learn the specialist DBT skills in their weekly skills group, we will similarly take you through the four key modules, teaching you the same skills that your loved one is learning so that you can work from the same stance and toolkit, and practice these skills together in daily life. By engaging in this course alongside your loved one, we aim to equip and empower you both to become the therapists and experts in DBT - so ultimately you no longer need us. Learning together is key so that you can support one another and overcome the challenges you currently face.