What our clients and colleagues say

"Allison - what I have realised with your help is that it is okay to dare to dream. Thank you. You are an amazing therapeutic partner and I feel privileged to have benefited from knowing you over the last year." Former Client

"Allison - thank you for the last year. It has been a phenomenal journey and I am so privileged to have worked with you throughout my time. You are amazing." Current Client

"Emily was entirely non-judgemental about everything that I had to say. She was very good at identifying topics which were relevant and useful to me, and then enabling us to explore those in a way that was both reflective and practical. I always left feeling motivated to help myself, and with the tools I needed to help me to do that". Former Client

"Emily has excellent knowledge of psychological theory and practice which she balances alongside a warm and compassionate approach to her therapeutic work with clients. She has creative ideas about the ways in which therapy can be carried out and is dedicated to tailoring treatment so that it is a unique experience for every client she works with. She upholds the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of her work as a clinician." NHS Colleague

"Prior to meeting Emily, I had no real idea about how to prepare for interviews nor how to write a personal statement for a career in Psychology. She coached me through each stage of the interview process, providing me with tailored questions and how I can apply my skills and experience to them. Not only that, she enabled me to see my true potential as a psychologist." Aspiring Psychologist